Mark Marfisi

Pastor and Founder


Hope Community Church is led by Sr. Pastor Mark, who has been married to Janet since college has three wonderful daughters and Zane, Sheridan and Luke, three train loving, cupcake eating grandkids! Mark independently founded Hope with love for his Savior, Jesus Christ, the truth and immense respect for God's Word.  A place of holy worship, healing, teaching and 'camaraderie along the journey of life' kind of church.

Pastors JC and Jessica McCoy

Convicted Youth


 JC and Jessica McCoy head up the Youth Ministry at Hope Community Church, Convicted Youth. The youth group meets Wednesday nights at the Hope Campus. JC and Jessica have been a part of Hope’s congregation since 2007.  They were married by Pastor Mark in 2010 after receiving their bachelor’s degrees and had their baby girl's, Margot in 2013 and Evelyn in 2015.  Both separately had a calling of youth ministry on their lives and came together to pioneer this ministry at the church.  JC (being raised in the church) and Jessica (spending most of life outside the church) share unique testimonies and profound teachings, all glorifying the God of loving grace and mercy. For more information on Convicted Youth, CLICK HERE!


Children's director

Jay and I have been blessed to be a part of Hope Community Church for over 10 years.  We believe this is a place where children and adults alike will feel loved and accepted while growing spiritually in their relationship with our Lord. Gina has over 34 years experience ministering to children and adults.  Previous experiences have included: Children’s Director, Bus pastor, Puppet and Drama director, been on several missionary trips to Russia, Arizona and Mexico.  God has placed a passion for children that burns deeply in her heart.  She desires that all children hear about God’s love for them and know him as their Lord and Savior.  Jay is one of the elders at Hope.  He has also been supportive of Gina’s ministry, driving a school bus to pick up children for church.  Assisting with the Puppet ministry and attending mission trips with her. 



I am a mother of 3 and am married to the most wonderful man on earth. At the age of 8 I chose to believe in and follow Jesus Christ. By the 4th grade I began a relationship with music and grew more in love with it through high school. As I approached college God changed my heart to a desire for making my music about Him and His ministry rather than a platform for myself. So I toured and ministered with a group called Glowing Heart for a few years and then joined Hope soon after where I served on the worship team as a vocalist.  In 2010 God told me I would soon be leading worship at Hope and He proceeded to teach me much humility and patience for the next 3 years. In 2013 He told me it was time to be a leader in worship and has been undoing everything I ever thought I knew about it. Our purpose is to exalt Him above all things and allow our praises and the worship from our hearts reach a lost and dying world. The message is this: God is good and worthy of all our beings. He delights in our offerings and sacrificial worship when we allow Him to have full reign in and through us!


Men's Ministry


Since becoming a member of Hope Community Church in 2003, I have had the pleasure of serving this congregation in many areas including Children’s Ministry, Sound Technician, Deacon, Men’s Ministry Director and now serving on the Board.

My family and I have made Hope Community Church our church home because of the solid Biblical truth taught here, as well as, the obvious presence of the Holy Spirit working in the lives of the members in this body.  It is a blessing to call Hope my home and I find myself anxiously awaiting the opportunity to come together for worship each Sunday morning.

Hope Community Church has been a blessing to me and my family in many ways but among the most tangible are the opportunities it has allowed me to grow in my faith as a Christian.  I am both humbled and privileged to have been given the opportunity to serve the Lord by serving His church through this congregation.

Debbie Folse


I was asked to take over as Women's Ministry Leader approximately 2 years ago.  I am encouraged by the Lord and the women of Hope Community Church as we share our hurts, our joys, our stories of triumph and our love for God.  It is my heart's desire that we will continue to learn and grow in the Lord and that He will bless us with growth, fellowship and that our love will flow out to our community and be a beacon in the midst of life's storms.

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