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Our Vision


Our Purpose


Our Guiding Values

Hope Community Church Is located in the heart of Plano at the northwest corner of Parker and Custer Roads. We have amazing facilities and plenty of parking. We have facilities available for event rental including weddings, banquets, ceremonies, performances, etc. subject to availability. For more info click here!

Hope Community Church in Plano is a Non Denominational Church.  If you are looking for a Christian Church in Plano, TX, this is the place for you!


Our lives will reflect God’s love, and that the promises of the Bible are for everyone without condemning anyone!


We live to worship our King, to learn more about Him through His Word and to be shining lights offering comfort as we have been comforted.


WORSHIP: Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection made possible a restored relationship with God. Therefore, we are devoted to love & worship Him with our one and only life.

GOD'S WORD: God's Word is God's will, to which we will submit ourselves so that we may learn and then live out its timeless truths.

PRAYER: We will be a people of prayer because it is God who makes our dreams, desires, and duties achievable by His strength, wisdom, and sovereignty.

DISCIPLESHIP: We will be innovative and creative in our presentation of the timeless truths of the Bible in order to persuade people of all ages to have an active faith in God.

RELATIONSHIPS: We will exhibit ethical and moral conduct and cultivate relationships that heal, restore and encourage in all of our small group and corporate worship settings.

SPIRITUAL GIFTS: As followers of Christ, we have a God-given responsibility to discover and engage the spiritual gifts God has given us for strengthening of the Body of Christ.

STEWARDSHIP: We will be Spirit-led with our resources including finances, and will distinguish ourselves as good stewards of that which God has entrusted us to manage.

EVANGELISM & MISSIONS: Every follower of Christ is to use their gift(s), talent(s) and calling to make known the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our community and to the nations.