Services are informal and interactive. You can feel comfortable in a tie, or jeans, shorts and flip-flops, or anywhere between. Come as you are. This is a place you won't get lost in the crowd. A place where your opinion, talents, and gifts are a welcome addition!

Children are a high priority at Hope Community Church, and we've shaped our children's ministry to help them encounter God in a meaningful way every time they walk through the doors. We have classes for children from nursery age through 5th grade

You will find a check-in station where greeters will help you print a name tag for each of your children and a guardian tag for you to pick them up with. Children cannot be picked up without a guardian tag. If you lose the tag, a new one can be printed. This system ensures that every child returns to the correct adult and remains safe.

Children from 1st to 5th grade are brought together to experience live worship, drama, games and a kid's sermon in our elementary room. Toddlers are also brought together for a brief time of live worship and a puppet show. They return to their classes for snack, craft and Bible story time before parents arrive. Our desire is to follow Jesus's command from Mark 9:37 and welcome each child in His Name, and in so doing welcome the presence of our Father in heaven.     


Worship services at Hope are a comfortable blend of classic and contemporary Christian praise and Worship music. Music is selected so you can participate in giving God the Praise and Worship He deserves!


Pastor Mark loves teaching from The Bible. 

 “I love the Bible. God has spoken to me through his Word time and again. I very much enjoy teaching The Scripture Old and New Testament alike; stories of faith, stories of failure, stories of courage, stories of cowardice, stories of striving and stories of grace. There’s both theology
and work-a-day real world wisdom in God’s Word.” - Pastor Mark 

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Enjoyed your visit? What's next?
We believe that God has drawn you here for a purpose! He is not done with you yet; you are a work in progress and on a journey of transformation with the goal of living out Christ's truth and compassion in a fallen world. If you feel God is nudging you to come back again we invite you to fill out the communication card you found in your bulletin and drop it in the offering boxes by the door. Visit the Connect section of our site to learn about ways you can take your next steps in plugging in at Hope Community.



The Bible

The Bible is God’s truth in human words, free from error and able to shape our beliefs, our values, our moral choices, and our lifestyle decisions.


There is only one God, Creator of heaven and earth who exists eternally as three persons. “God is a Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each an uncreated person, one in essence, equal in power and glory.” 1

Jesus Christ

Central to the mission of Jesus Christ was not the living but the giving of his life as a deliberate act of embracing the purpose of his heavenly Father for the salvation of sinners, as it has been revealed in the Bible. That through Christ’s death we may enjoy a real and personal relationship with God.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit continues and expands the ministries of Christ after his ascension. The Holy Spirit’s creative involvement in the world, the church and in individual persons demonstrates his essential oneness with God the Father and Christ the Son of God. 

Human Beings

God is the intentional designer of humanity and on account of this human life takes on infinite worth and significance.

God’s love and Salvation

Redemption is at the heart of the Christian faith. The Cross of Christ is indisputable proof of God’s unlimited saving love. The Cross proves that God really cares, can wipe our slate clean, will give us a new beginning, that all will be forgiven and that he will keep on forgiving.

The Church

The church is the community made up of people who believe in God as revealed in the Bible and who unite for worship and service to him.


Death seals the eternal destiny of every person. At the final judgement unbelievers will be separated from God. Believers will be received into God’s presence and rewarded for their faithfulness to him in this life