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Sermon Series "Things I Wish Jesus Hadn't Said"

Today's teaching:  Heaven is an Exclusive Gig!  John 14:6  


A.    Introduction

B.    The Teaching

o   The historical context

o   I am the way, the truth, and the life.

o   How can we believe Jesus?

1)     Jesus didn’t come to us in a vacuum.

2)     Jesus was a Jew.

3)     The resurrection.

a.      Under Roman authority

b.     All four canonical gospels speak of Joseph of Arimathea

c.      The tomb

d.     He was seen alive

e.      Disciples were suddenly convinced

C.    Conclusion

1)     It’s true, the way to heaven is exclusive, but the invitation is universal.  Jesus isn’t shutting the door on anyone.

2)     Important:  All other religions are ineffective in bringing people to meet their Creator without sin.

3)     If the Christian faith is exclusive, meaning the only way to heaven is through a real and personal relationship with Jesus Himself, does that make it any less true?


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