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NEW Bible study: Christianity (Cults & Religions)

Youth Service and Childcare provided


As Christians living in the 21st century, we are faced with increasing religious diversity and religious competition.  In this ever-shrinking world, people in cults and other religions may be showing up on your doorstep, at your job, or maybe even in your own family.  You might be wondering , How can I possibly "always be prepared to give an answer" (1 Peter 3:15)?

We should take our cue from the apostle Paul who skillfully employed his knowledge of pagan philosophies to evangelize unbelievers (Acts 17:16-34).  To witness in today's world, Christians need a basic understanding of what cults and religions teach, so they can know how to relate to people in various religious groups.  

In this study, Paul Carden explains the essential teaching of popular cults and major religions.  But he also takes you beneath the surface to shed light on what really attracts and keeps people in these religious groups.  Each session lays out a solid Scriptural foundation for discerning the truth and dispels common misconceptions and stereotypes.  But above all, this study is here to help you think biblically, so you can evangelize with compassion, clarity, and confidence.

Later Event: March 29
Intercessory Prayer Meeting